Lotsa Helping Hands offers free tools designed to make life easier for caregivers and volunteers such as secure online Community web sites, the caregiver-focused Care Calendar, community building features that bring emotional support to the family and additional resources to help caregivers in their journey.

In the spirit of helping caregivers, each month we post caregiver resources and offer archives of our webinars and monthly newsletters. Check back often and don’t hesitate to give us your feedback. We hope you find these caregiver resources and tips helpful.

Monthly Tips

Lotsa Helping Hands features both Private and Open Communities. Private Communities help empower a caregiver’s “circles of community” – family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. Open Communities are a place for caregivers to go to request help and for volunteers to offer help and lend a hand. Many towns and neighborhoods use the Open Community feature to create a network of willing volunteers ready to mobilize when help is needed. The following tips work for both Private and Open Communities.

  1. Organizing with Events — We’ve made it easier than ever to keep your Help Calendar organized and effective. When you’re coordinating Activities that span multiple days or pertain to a specific type of need you can bundle them into ‘Events’. Go through the Administration tab to the ‘Manage Events’ link to create new Events, generate volunteer reports, or add new help requests. Simplify your support so it’s even easier to give and get help.
  2. Multiple Membership — Participating in two Community web sites at once? No problem! Use the yellow sign-in box, at the top right corner of every page, to sign in, toggle between Communities, edit your profile, or sign out.
  3. Sub-Groups — You can arrange your Community Members into Groups to make it easy to organize information with specific sets of people. From the Administration tab, click ‘Manage Groups’. Give your new Groups names, Members, permissions to access (or not access) Activities or Community Sections, and more!

Visit our How It Works page for more information and quick tips.

Tap into caregiver resources from leading caregiver and health organizations

We partner with more than 50 of the nation’s leading nonprofit organizations that provide trusted information on a variety of health and caregiving topics that may be helpful to your Community. So, whether someone is caring for a loved one with Leukemia, a wounded warrior who recently arrived home, or someone battling Alzheimer’s disease, we’ve got the resources you need.

If you choose to identify with one of our nonprofit partners, your Community will include relevant resources, links and logos from that organization. You can change your settings to identify with one of our partners by clicking on the ‘site options’ link on the ‘Administration’ tab.

Our newsletter, Lotsa Community Works

Our newsletter, Lotsa Community Works showcases communities of support, offers advanced tips for using the service and highlights new service features.

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Webinars from Lotsa Helping Hands

We regularly host webinars that focus on specific caregiving topics and highlight our nonprofit partners and their caregiving resources. In each webinar we also review tips and features of Lotsa.

Register for an upcoming caregiving webinar or check out our archive of webinar recordingsif you’ve missed any of our past caregiving webinars.