5 Different Ways to Say Thank You on Mother’s Day

As a mother and daughter take a walk together, the daughter contemplates all the different ways to say thank you to her mother for all she's done.

Contributed by Tiffany Silverberg

How do you express your gratitude on Mother’s Day? There are so many things moms do for us – from care and nurture in childhood to friendship and advice in adulthood. Some things we don’t even notice or care about until we become moms ourselves and realize just how much moms do every day for us. Just as there are different moms and different things she does for her kids, so there are different ways to say Thank You. This Mother’s Day, choose one that suits your abilities and her interests to make her smile and let her know just how thankful you are.



Who doesn’t love a little luxury in their daily life? Sometimes an opportunity to stop and relax is one of the best of all the different ways to say thank you.  This kind of thank you could come in the form of a gift or a getaway – anything that helps mom unwind from all the physically and emotionally taxing tasks of her daily life. A day at the spa or an afternoon massage will pamper her and remind her that you know just how much work she does. Even if you can’t afford a whole getaway, a new robe and slippers, bath salts, and an evening off would be well appreciated.



Of the different ways to say thank you, one of the most classic is also one of the best – a simple meal. It might be breakfast in bed or a full course dinner. You might even just whip up her favorite dessert. Food is one of the most universal ways that humans express love and appreciation for one another. It brings people together and evokes memories shared by all. Not to mention, it gives mom the night off. Whether it’s a tried and true favorite or a new recipe, making mom a meal is a great way to say thank you.



Flowers are another classic that can never be overdone. With all the varieties of options, you’re sure to find something that will make her feel appreciated. A bouquet from a local florist is a great place to start, but you may want to think outside the box. How about a living plant instead of freshly-cut blooms? If she lives in a small place, a little annual might be just perfect to brighten it up. If she has a garden, you may want to visit a local nursery and buy a flat or two of her favorites. Or if you really have the space, plant a tree in her honor!



When is the last time you had family photos taken? What it cousin Mary’s wedding? Was everyone feeling casual and most like themselves? Hire a photographer, or enlist the help of a hobbyist, to take some snapshots at your favorite park or hanging out in the backyard. It doesn’t have to be formal. Relaxed shots will be the best. Have them framed and give them to mom to thank her for her legacy.



Of all the different ways to say thank you, sometimes the one we most overlook is just saying it. If you tend to tear up or get a bit emotional when you think of all that mom has done for you, you can write it down. Give it to her in a card if you don’t thank you can get the words out. However you say it, make it from the heart. Tell her just how thankful you are for all the investments she has made in your life and the lives of those around you. Your words will be the greatest gift this mother’s day.