Find Help for Caregivers – Do you know Lotsa People?

A couple sits on a bench relaxing because they were able to find help for caregiving duties.

Now that Lotsa Helping Hands has surpassed the one-millionth user mark, it seems that Lotsa members are everywhere. That means it’s becoming easier to find help for caregivers!

For example, when I was invited by my brother in-law to meet the Buddhist Monks that were staying with him in Brooklyn a few years ago, I did not know that they and their sponsors in the United States had set up extensive Lotsa Helping Hands Communities to provide meals and transportation while they were fulfilling their full-time duties of teaching and praying. Lotsa Helping Hands is not just for help for caregivers – almost anyone can find help using Lotsa. I honestly couldn’t tell you who was more excited by this chance encounter. They had been using the service for more than a year and then found themselves, by chance or luck, meeting one of the founders of the company. While I, also visiting another city, had randomly found passionate users of our service – another example of how Lotsa had materially and profoundly impacted the lives of others.  This time it was not by phone or email, as I normally interact with members. This time it was face-to-face and deeply personal. It was a truly wonderful and serendipitous experience for all.

My daughter Julia experienced a chance Lotsa interaction as well. She graduated from college this past May and while interviewing for full-time jobs in her chosen field of Social Work, she had enlisted the service of to assist her with finding temporary family and childcare work.  Through that service, she was introduced to many families in the greater Philadelphia area.  While interviewing with these families, the topic of Lotsa Helping Hands would come up as part of the conversation about her childhood and family life. Twice, she randomly met families that were already active members of more than one Lotsa Community.

It is these moments, whether they are happening to me or anyone else, that all of us at Lotsa Helping Hands feel that we are truly having a major impact on the world through the proliferation and embracement of a community that has the ability to find help for caregivers!

Have you experienced a random encounter with a fellow Lotsa member? We would love to hear your stories. Chances are that more people than you think are part of the Lotsa community!