How is Music Therapy Helping Dementia Caregivers

By: Comfort Keepers

Nothing hurts more than seeing a loved one’s memories start to fade away. Familiar faces and places are taking more time for your mom or dad to recognize, and the patience and compassion a family caregiver has to show at all times can be an unanticipated struggle some days. There is no cure for dementia, but studies have shown increased cognitive activity can help offset the progression of the disease and make improvements. The American Music Therapy Association says that music therapy provides dementia patients with numerous opportunities, and we want to go over some of the ways it can help enhance the care of your loved one with dementia.

Like any muscle, the more you exercise the brain the stronger it becomes. Music can help seniors recall memories associated with a song, recite show-stopping lyrics, find familiar footings for a piano composition or hum a favorite melody. As a result, mood and mental states will show positive developments. Depression, anxiety and aggression could be some of the changes you see in your loved one’s behavior, and soothing music can help relieve those stressful symptoms.

Mobility and speech abilities could also be a symptom you are observing in your senior. Their favorite jazz, big band, blues, swing or chart-topping records could be the motivation they need to get up and get moving or project their voice once again. Music is so powerful that it can be a part of the pain management or speech therapy incorporated in your caregiving routine.


For the younger members in a family dynamic, interacting with a grandparent that has dementia can be confusing. Music is a way to break the ice and give seniors a sense of purpose. Corky duets make for great entertainment at the next family gathering, and singing or playing an instrument is a great hobby for the two of them to pick up.

Although dementia can be a challenging condition to navigate, music can give caregivers some sense of relief in their caregiving routine. Music therapy can also serve as a stress reliever for a family caregiver, and overall music should be a new element added to your family’s daily schedule. Often overlooked, the potential outcome is too great not to try. For more information about dementia care, visit

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