Lotsa: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Lotsa Helping Hands is the gift that keeps on giving. Always there when you need it and customizable for every caregiving situation, a Lotsa Community empowers those who care to provide lasting, meaningful help to those dealing with chronic or terminal illness, rehabilitation and ongoing therapy, sudden loss or difficult situations, or any number of lifestyle changes that bring unique challenges. Lotsa is the gift that lingers long after the holiday decorations have been packed up, making a difference for a lifetime.

Why Lotsa

Lotsa Helping Hands might seem like an unconventional gift. It’s free to create a Lotsa Community and only takes a few minutes, but the effects are priceless and long lasting. With a Lotsa Community, you will have a central hub of communication and information about the caregiver, the loved ones, and the situation in general. No more worrying about who got a text, a phone call, or an email with the latest updates. With all that information in one place, everyone involved can stay updated and aware. The community also allows you to schedule and organize volunteers and gifts so the most effective and most needed support can continue to stream in.

How to Give the Gift of Lotsa

How you give the gift of Lotsa depends on your own creativity and your relationship with the caregiver. You might want to write a card or a note, tuck it in a stocking or place it in a gift box. Consider their needs and what’s stressing them most about the caregiving responsibilities. Tell the recipient that, in lieu of a gift or for their gift this year, you are taking over all communication, you are coordinating community support, or you are scheduling meals and deliveries. If you are nearby, you might want to sit with the caregiver or loved one and show them how to set up the community. However you decide to give the gift of Lotsa, emphasize the long-term benefits of the Lotsa Community.

the gift that keeps on giving

Take It Over

In addition to going through the steps to set up a Lotsa Community, be ready to act as the leader of the account and schedule new tasks or needs as they arise. Caregiving can be a dynamic, ever-changing venture. In addition, you can invite other leaders and coordinators who can help update information in a timely manner and arrange for support. Acting as a central administrator of the community allows you to continue to care for the caregiver and her family over the coming weeks and months. This selfless act on their behalf, even from afar, is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Get Gifts Organized

As caregivers and their loved ones get settled after a diagnosis or a major life change, new equipment or useful devices may rise to the top of their wish lists. These items can be expensive, but can be critical in making life simpler and bringing improved quality of life. For instance, the Muscular Dystrophy Association lists a number of portable lifts that bring independence to those with muscular dystrophy. Unfortunately, these items can cost up to thousands of dollars. On your Lotsa Community, you can share links to essential items and organize donations to offset or cover the cost. This is a great way for those near and far to step in and help.

More than Gifts

Many of the needs of a caregiver and their loved ones are intangible. Sometimes the greatest gift is time and volunteering. Your Lotsa Community allows you to post and schedule specific tasks that others can sign up to provide. Plan meal deliveries to make appointment or surgery days even easier. Schedule yard work, office organization, laundry help, or grocery shopping so the caregiver and loved ones can focus on their own healing and rest. By getting others involved and scheduling help in advance, you can ultimately bring peace and organization to upcoming stressful times, making Lotsa Community truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Gifts from Afar

With friends and family living across the country, or even world, a caregiver can feel isolated. Not to mention, the friends and family of caregivers also can feel helpless in stressful situations. Lotsa is a gift for all because it brings everyone together in one virtual community and empowers even far-away relatives to help in meaningful ways. The Caregiver Action Network lists dozens of ways that those who are far away can offer support. From research and planning to organization and coordination, the skills and help that loved ones around the world can bring are invaluable. Keep track of that support and organize who can do what in your Lotsa Community.

Community Involvement

If the caregiver or loved one lives in a tight-knit community, where local families want to offer time, money, or gifts, making your Lotsa Community public is a great way to get them involved. Those who may have heard about the situation or who want to step in and help a local family will be able to see their needs and offer support. By setting up a place for donations, or sign ups for ongoing help, you can give the caregiver a gift that continues to give over the coming months.

This holiday season, as you make your last-minute shopping trips and wrap up presents with big bows, consider giving the gift of Lotsa. Not only will it bring much needed organization to communication and arrangements today, but will bring peace in the days ahead.