Medication Management: The Benefits of Same-Day Prescription Delivery

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Having to fill and refill prescriptions can be an arduous task. Whether you have one prescription, multiple refills, or are helping someone else with their monthly medications, getting to the pharmacy is one more errand on top of everything else you already have scheduled. Getting to the pharmacy can be especially difficult when dealing with lack of mobility, medical conditions, or limited access to transportation . We have a few suggestions for getting rid of this errand so you can make more time for the important things in life.


Bring the Pharmacy Home To You  

If you are looking for a simple, efficient method to fill and refill prescriptions, you may want to consider switching to an online pharmacy. Online pharmacies are a practical and convenient option for everyone. These days, some online pharmacies even offer more than your traditional retail pharmacy.

An online pharmacy such as Medly has pharmacists who you can speak with 24/7, from the privacy of your own home. Their pharmacists check medications, recommended dose times, and answer questions over the phone. It’s basically like having a pharmacist in the family that will handle all of your prescription needs. They will do all of the legwork involved in transferring your medications and confirming all prescription information.

In addition, Medly pharmacists proactively manage all of your refills for you, meaning they contact your doctor before your refills expire. All your prescriptions are conveniently delivered straight to your door the same-day, so you never have to worry about being without your medications, or having to rush to the pharmacy. Another plus is financial support. Their team researches and applies discounts, reducing your medication costs as much as possible. Filling prescriptions should be easy and efficient; using an online pharmacy can help to make the process more convenient for you.

Schedule Carpooling

Arranging carpooling with friends or family members will not only help to get you to the pharmacy, but it will help you stay on schedule. Create a calendar (virtual or physical) and be sure to note when your prescriptions need to be refilled. Then, coordinate plans ahead of time to have someone drive you to the pharmacy. If you’re a caregiver picking up someone else’s medications, you can always create a Care Calendar on Lotsa Helping Hands to help with running errands and carpooling. It would be a good idea to call the pharmacy when you have about five pills left. This will ensure that the pharmacy will have the medication you need for your scheduled pick-up. Missing doses can be harmful to your health, so this is high priority.

Perhaps you could schedule a day to run errands together with your helper. If you need assistance getting to the grocery store, you may want to seek out a pharmacy that is located within a local supermarket which will save you a trip. You can coordinate errands so all your stops are covered. You can also check to see if there are any services or volunteer organizations in your community that provide rides to the pharmacy. If you are a senior citizen or have special needs, there may be an organization that can help you or connect you with appropriate resources.


Utilize Delivery and Convenient Transportation

If you have access to public transportation, that is an economical option. Be sure to check schedules to be sure that you will not be waiting and can arrive at a convenient location. Also, double check with your pharmacy that your prescription is there. However, sometimes it is physically demanding and time consuming to use public transportation due to wait time, bad weather or inconvenient pick-up locations. It may be a more convenient option to call a taxi or try a private company.

Modern private transportation companies are growing and changing the way people look at a once outdated, expensive mode of transport. Nowadays, a simple click of your mobile app can connect you with a driver. If non-drivers are already using a smartphone, learning to use an app would be an easy task to learn. Having an account on one of these apps means that you will not need to worry about a money transaction, as it is automatically charged to the credit card you provided when you created your account, making the process simpler.



You need to be diligent about taking medications. If you do not drive or have access to a car, it can be difficult to stay on top of every refill – especially if you take more than one medication on a daily basis. Having technology on your side and taking advantage of the latest conveniences in the world of transportation and pharmacy can save you time, stress, and give you peace of mind. Having your prescriptions delivered the same-day, with a pharmacist you can call, and financial support to ensure the best price through services like Medly is the easiest, most efficient way to get your prescriptions. Going without your prescription medications could be detrimental to your health, so be sure you have your medications when you need them.