My Community on Halloween: Trick or Treating, Candy and Kind Neighbors

Here at Lotsa Helping Hands, we often find ourselves talking about the word community. Our vision is a world where everyone can give and receive help through the power of community. For us, community means so much. It’s about sharing one another’s life experiences. We too have our own community of dedicated people who spend much of their time designing and developing the best service possible, and ensuring that our free service gets into the hands of those who need it. On our Blog, we will be sharing reflections from our Team. This one comes from David Jarsky, our Senior Engineer.


As a young boy, Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays. Most kids love finding just the right costume, whether it’s this year’s popular cartoon character or some other creative homemade concoction. Yes, that was fun, but honestly for me, having grown up in a “health conscious” house, it was the one night each year when all I thought about was collecting as much candy as humanly possible.

Now, all grown up and the father of a seven-year-old boy, what I love most about Halloween is the social aspect of the holiday. The whole neighborhood is alive, with children and families traveling from house to house, and porch lights and jack-o-lanterns beckoning for visitors. It’s a great opportunity to meet new neighbors and get reacquainted with those who are rarely seen.

New to the Neighborhood on Halloween

On Halloween a few years ago I was with my son, The Cat in the Hat, as he raced up the driveway directly across the street from our own. We had only recently moved to the neighborhood and while I had introduced myself to these neighbors a few weeks before, I knew nothing more than that their names were Frank and Trudy, and they were empty nesters.

After we rang the bell, the door opened and there was Frank, with a warm smile, holding a large bowl. He lowered it to my son’s eye level and the boy’s face lit up. These weren’t miniature “fun size” bars that are the typical Halloween fare – these were full sized Hershey chocolate bars. My son’s smile couldn’t stretch any wider. He had just struck gold!

My son dropped a bar in his bag and thanked Frank, and we turned back toward the sidewalk just as the next group of kids arrived at the front door. As we walked down the driveway, away from the house, you could hear their excitement as they were let in on the secret, too.

Neighbors, Friends and Community

Flickr user Free Flower

As the years passed and I learned more about our neighbor, I became aware of his generosity in other areas of his life. He was committed to his community, to his family-run business, and of course, to his family. So when I learned why Frank handed out those oversized treats on Halloween, the reason wasn’t surprising; it was simple—he did it to make kids smile, which, in turn, brought him joy. Frank’s great affection for those around him made him look for any opportunity to share in their joy.

So this year, whether you’re at your own front door handing out candy or playing chaperone to your youngsters as they run door-to-door, consider introducing yourself to a neighbor. You might very well meet a special person who lives right next door.