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Friends in Common

Contributed by Courtney Allen, Lotsa Helping Hands Marketing Specialist

Here at Lotsa Helping Hands, we often find ourselves talking about the word “community.” Our vision is a world where everyone can give and receive help through the power of community. For us, community means so much. It’s about sharing one another’s life experiences. We too have our own community of dedicated people who spend much of their time designing and developing the best service possible, while ensuring that our free service gets into the hands of those who need it. On our Blog, we will be sharing reflections from our Team. This first one comes from Courtney Allen, our Marketing Specialist.

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Spring Into Spring

 Contributed by Sherri Snelling 

Many caregivers are housebound caring for their loved one. It is especially hard after long winter months where you are also hampered by weather from getting outside and enjoying the sunshine.  Spring is here (it actually officially started a month ago) and the bright rays of light and fresh air bring a welcome opportunity to get out of the house.

Caregivers often forget to give themselves a break so they can refresh and reinvigorate when caring for a loved one. Following are three easy, inexpensive ways to enjoy Spring and improve your health and wellness at the same time. These tips only take a few minutes a day to recharge your batteries:

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There is a hidden population of caregiving youth that continues to grow.
Caregiving Youth: A Hidden Population

Contributed by Cristy Kovach Hom

When Jason was 13, his grandmother moved in. She was suffering from dementia and could no longer live alone. Jason awoke every night to take his grandma to the bathroom. When her dementia caused her hysteria, Jason was the only family member who could calm her down.

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When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.
When Life Hands You Lemons…

Contributed by Barry Katz, Co-Founder at Lotsa Helping Hands

We have all heard, at some point in our lives, the age-old adage that ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’  I’ll guess that most of us first heard this from either our mothers or grandmothers.  I also suspect that most of us, while remembering hearing it, did not really internalize it or even begin to understand it until faced with a big basket of sour lemons. When life hands you lemons, you have two choices: to give in to the lemony bitterness or sweeten the juice to bring new perspective, renewed strength and the opportunity to share the newly made lemonade.

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National Volunteer Week – Let’s Celebrate!

Contributed by Brooks Kenny, Chief Marketing Officer and part of the Founding Team of Lotsa Helping Hands

It’s National Volunteer Week, and as the nation celebrates people helping one another, we are excited, inspired, and proud to be a part of it. National Volunteer Week, created by our friends at Points of Light and the HandsOn Network, is a celebration dedicated to recognizing and encouraging community members to take action and make a difference.

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Caregiver stress is no joke.
Caregiver Stress is No Joke

Contributed by Sherri Snelling

While some people will start the month by playing a funny joke on a friend or co-worker, the beginning of April, which marks National Stress Awareness Month, makes me think about the stress that plagues those who are caring for an older loved one. And, believe me, caregiver stress is no joking matter.

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With this group of people below a sunset, you can feel the power of community.
Caregiving and the Power of Community

Contributed by Hal Chapel, CEO and Co-Founder of Lotsa Helping Hands

At Lotsa Helping Hands, we are committed to shedding light on the needs of caregivers across our country. At some point in our lives, most of us will become caregivers. But the truth is, most of those who care for a loved one do not even consider themselves caregivers.


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