10 Ways to Raise Money for Charity and Have a Blast

A bunch of people celebrating together in order to raise money for charity.

Contributed by Michelle Hassler

Volunteering to raise money for charity is a rewarding and giving act. However, who says you can’t have fun while collecting funds for a worthy cause? In fact, a unique or popular activity will likely attract more people to contribute to your organization. At the same time, you are fostering community togetherness and social action. Partnering with local businesses is also a good idea, as they may have additional resources and customer reach within the community. Here are some fun ways to motivate others to give while having a blast!


1. Race for Your Charity

Organizing a 5K is a great way to raise money for charity because it will attract both runners and supporters of your cause. Plus, it is an event that centers on wellness and encouragement. You can even create a fun theme that is representative of your cause!


2. Kid’s Carnival

Hosting a small carnival would be a great way to include local families and raise money for charity. Setting up a few games and carnival themed attractions like face painting or a moon bounce will keep kids entertained. Also, don’t forget about carnival food favorites such as funnel cakes and snow cones.


3. Fashion Show

A fashion show might be a fun way to highlight your charity. Cancer survivors could take the catwalk to model donated clothing or you could recruit puppies to showcase pet fashions if your charity helps animals. Who wouldn’t love a pet fashion show?


4. Yoga/Fitness Class

Your yoga or fitness studio could agree to donate all proceeds from a specific class to your cause. This will be beneficial for all parties involved. It will draw attention to their studio and maybe drum up additional business. In turn, it not only raises funds for your charity, but will expose current clients to your cause.


5. Seasonal Festival

Depending on the time of year, there are many activities that are associated with each season. Charging admission to a festival that celebrates the current season would be a fun attraction for members of the community. Whether you are picking pumpkins, decorating cookies, hosting a rubber duck race, or planting flowers, there are plenty of activities to get people involved.


6. Host a Movie Night

Arrange for a showing in a local library, park (if they have the resources) or event space. To raise funds for the charity, you can sell refreshments and even have a raffle for a movie related prize at the end of the showing.


7. Backyard Olympics

The next time you have a picnic or backyard party, make it a bit more interesting. You could allow your guests to buy into a competition that consists of favorite yard games like horseshoes, badminton, or even a potato sack race. Keep score and supply prizes for the winning individual or team.


8. Trivia Night

Many restaurants host weekly trivia competitions. Check with a local restaurant and see if they would be interested in co-hosting a special night for your charity. Many businesses are happy to give back to the community. Promote your charity during the event and inform customers that donations are welcomed. The restaurant may even agree to select a special featured drink for the evening – all profits from the drink will go directly to the charity.


9. Salon Day Services

To rally for your cause, a salon or other service business could donate their time and profits to help raise money for charity. Designate a specific day or time when all proceeds will be donated to your charity. Be sure to take advantage of cross promotion and publicize the event as much as possible.


10. Talent Show or Concert

Create your very own talent show or community concert. Charge admission, but make it known that all proceeds will be contributed to your charity. You can join together with local businesses in the area who want to help support your cause and supply services or products during the event (with a certain percentage of profits going to your charity).