Caring for a Loved One During COVID-19

Being a caregiver is challenging; and taking care of a loved one during COVID-19 can be particularly stressful with social distancing and the uncertainty around when our lives can go back to normal. In addition to keeping your loved ones safe, It’s important to take care of yourself – both physically and mentally- so you can be there for those that need it the most. Below are several tips and resources to help with your caregiver responsibilities during this difficult time.

  1. Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe – Older adults and people with chronic conditions such as lung or heart disease are at higher risk for having more serious complications from COVID-19. The CDC recommends that anyone over 60 should remain at home as much as possible, wash their hands frequently, and take everyday precautions to stay at least 6 feet away from others. If you are a caregiver for an older adult living alone, experts advise the following tips to preserve the safety and health:
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