Community Helps Everyone Involved


Late in July, my twenty-two year old nephew was informed he had a brain tumor twice the size of a golf ball, requiring immediate surgery.  As Lotsa’s CEO, I found myself once again as a first-hand witness to how Lotsa Helping Hands can have a profound effect not only on the family caregivers and the patient, but also on the community of volunteers and supporters that rally behind them.

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Power of Community Series: What does Community Mean to You?

Contributed by Hal Chapel, CEO and Co-Founder of Lotsa Helping Hands

Community.  A word that evokes many different images.

Not only are we social creatures, requiring interaction with other people, but historically our species has ultimately survived and thrived by banding together into social groups we call ‘community’.  Community has not only provided protection in collective defense, but in the division and sharing of labor and resources.  But perhaps community has been most significant in offering us fundamental meaning in life.  At the end of the day, do we really judge the value of our lives by how much money we make or how many things we collect, or how much fame we achieve?  Don’t we feel most satisfied when we know we have truly affected another person positively, when we have contributed to our own communities?

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