5 Ideas to Help You Find Senior Care Online

By Dave Singleton, author

Managing a loved one’s care doesn’t just take a village. Sometimes it requires advanced research skills and a master’s degree in organizational development, too.

If you’ve managed care of any kind for an aging parent, you know what I’m talking about. It’s heartwarming when friends and family offer support. But without a way to truly marshal all that good will, you’re still in need of a smiling army at your command to help out. Lotsa Helping Hands offers tools and resources to engage your army of helpers and act as a virtual organizational developer, especially when you need your village around you for a discrete period of time.

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What Does Medicare Pay For?: The Difficulties We Faced

Like many kids, I grew up thinking my parents were the smartest people on the planet.  They seemed to know everything.  In a world often confusing to a child, they had all the answers and could calm my worries with measured assurance.  Now that I am an adult, there have been few problems in my life that I haven’t shared with my mother and father  My entire life I have watched as one elderly family member after another relied on my parents for their caregiving support line. And they maintained remarkably good health, even after both became octogenarians in recent years. But with age comes a very valid question with regard to health: what does Medicare pay for?

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